"I Don’t Know Who You Are" is a fictional novel based on actual experiences of those dealing with the fall out from what is believed to be a consensual incestual relationship.

"How does a man
handle his wife seeing
another man?"

"What if the
other man is
her biological

"Can they come
to terms
with her actions?"

"Can she be trusted?"

"Can they deal with the repercussions?"

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website! I am in the final stages of having my book edited and hope to have it in print very soon. Stay tuned to this site for release dates. If you would like to be contacted personally when the book is released, please drop me an e-mail and you will be added to my mailing list.

- BJ       

A wife and mother takes on her father, a man she hasn’t seen in forty years, as her partner in a questionable capacity. Her husband, children and circle of friends are put to the test when they are methodically pushed away and out of her life while they deal with the heartbreak of losing her to someone they don’t know and don’t trust. They are further devastated when she alludes to their relationship being intimate ultimately leaving her husband to chose life or death in his suicide attempt.

This is a story of how these friends all come together to support and love one another in an effort to deal with this travesty and to move on from this heartbreaking experience. They deal with Matt, her husband, working through to get on his feet, and make a new life for his children. They help the children offering love and support that should come from their mother. They help each other cope with the ‘death’ of a friend and the grief process that ensues. They all deal with the woman who started the tragedy and her father as they continue to control, harass and intimidate everyone they come into contact with be it her husband, children, friends or neighbors.

Matt: the heartbroken husband.

Scott and Marissa: the unbelieving children.

Sophie: the devastated mother.

Cara and Josh: the saddened yet unintimidated neighbors.

Lizzie and Dave: the fearful friends.

Lynn and Grant: the hope filled friends.

Join them as they try to understand and deal with this situation and as they try to heal and move on.

Author’s Note

Though this story is written as fiction, it is very real. This book was written from actual experiences; Kat, not her real name, was my friend. Many of the events and dialogues were enhanced or fabricated for the sake of the story.

I began to keep notes of things that were happening and conversations that we had simply because they were so unbelievable and I wanted to be able to see the words she used and understand the situation more fully, trying to wrap my brain around all that was happening. Ultimately, I decided the notes that I kept could be used in court if necessary when Matt, not his real name, divorced her. As the notes mounted in my hard drive, and the descriptions became more and more unreal, I realized that this was going to be more than just notes, I had to tell this story.

Researching Genetic Sexual Attraction on the web gave me more information than I really wanted to know! This was a common, yet not widely publicized occurrence. As work on the book progressed and I occasionally checked back on the sites for information or to clarify information I had, I found that more sites were being added about this condition. I was also surprised, as I was watching Law and Order SVU one evening that this condition was portrayed in their story line. (Season Seven, episode 07014) They didn’t use the term GSA, but it was apparent that was what it was.

Our saga is not over. Kat still lives with Daddy, her children don’t want to see her, and our friend is dead. It is our hope that someday she will seek medical attention and will come to terms in her own mind with what happened. In the mean time, we attempt to live our lives, be there for the kids, and hope for the best.