Expense Reduction Studies

Most businesses pay too much, every month, due to recurring billing errors. We find these errors, claim credits and
save your business money. There are no up-front fees.
We retain a portion of your savings as our fee.

These specialized studies leverage the experience of industry experts coupled with specialized software tools to complete a detailed analysis of up to 40 common expense areas which are prone to billing errors.

We scrutinize expense areas that are prone to billing errors, including…
Telephone Express Mail Equipment Leases
Shipping Workman's Comp Janitorial
Utilities Office Supplies Waste Disposal
  As we uncover billing errors and irregularities, we help claim credits for your business and negotiate more favorable rates from suppliers for the future. We teach you to identify these errors, or you can elect to use our ongoing audit service to identify future errors.

    Expense REDUCTION Solutions

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