With the SOCCER system, we get the ball safely in the net.

The entry point into this matrix of services is a SonicWALL firewall which runs both the enhanced version of the SonicWALL operating system and the Content Gateway Security Services (CGSS). This firewall and service package ensures that no information coming from or going to the customer site is compromised. This is accomplished by checking for viruses and spyware, guarding against unauthorized intrusions from any web-based applications, and blocking access to all sites restricted by the content filters. The security of the cloud environment is further ensured by:
» Establishing a site-to-site VPN tunnel between the customer site and Solution Granted’s Class A secure hosting facility.

» Passing all traffic through a second SonicWALL firewall at the hosting facility, where it is further scanned by the CGSS antivirus and antispyware software.

» Email traffic then passes to the Exchange server, which is protected by Symantec antivirus and antispyware software, thus providing not only an additional layer of defense, but also diversity in the tools used to identify and isolate any threats.

»  Data being backed up passes to a SonicWALL Continuous Data Protection appliance (CDP), which ensures all your business-critical data is backed up as it changes, minute by minute. A second appliance is synchronized with the first, preventing a single point of failure from resulting in the loss of your data.

With the SOCCER system, you never have to worry about unauthorized access to your vital business records.

The only hardware the customer has to buy is the firewall. All remaining services are purchased on an ‘as needed’ basis. All components in the service facility are actively monitored, secured, and maintained by Solutions Granted. The facility has redundant internet access and power distribution, and all servers are themselves redundant with failover capabilities. Such levels of security and redundancy are beyond the means of most small businesses, as well as, in some cases, beyond the capabilities of their IT providers to establish, service, and maintain directly.

The SOCCER system provides optimal bang for the buck.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is the concept that services can be delivered over the internet more cheaply and reliably than by providing those services in-house. It is a rent versus buy decision, but one that leaves many customers concerned about the balance between cost savings and risk. If you provide services in-house you remain in control of them, but often at the expense of either high cost or compromise in the areas of security and/or redundancy. On the risk side you have the following:
» Who is hosting my data?

» Where is my data?

» What happens to my data if the hosting company has a problem?

» What happens if my internet service goes down?

To take each in turn:
» The principals at Solutions Granted both hold Top Secret clearances. Such clearances can only be obtained and maintained by reputable, financially-secure vendors.

» The data is hosted in a secure Class A Cogent hosting facility, located in Vienna, VA.

» As all data is backed up on SonicWALL CDP appliances, a redundant copy of which can be held in a second facility for an additional fee, it can be moved to other equipment quickly, and the redundancy in the environment reduces the likelihood that such failure will occur.

» If your internet service goes down, and you can gain access to the internet at a second location, you still have access to all the data in the Cloud. Additionally, the SonicWALL firewall supports redundant data connections, including a 3G aircard, so you can elect to purchase a second connection to ensure that you always have an internet connection.

Cloud computing with the SOCCER system ensures that you can always get to your important data.

Evironmentally Responsible
Have you ever considered how much power you are consuming with all the equipment that is running at your office location? Each tower server consumes, on average, 300 watts during normal running. Exchange servers tend to consume a bit more if there is significant email traffic moving back and forth.

Rack-mounted servers are designed to make more efficient use of power, usually running in the 150-200 watt range. Also, in a shared-use environment, a single server can support 50 or more average-sized customers. Even allowing for redundancy, power consumption drops to 2.7% of what would otherwise be used at the customer site. A lightly loaded server, supporting only 10 customers, would still use only 14% of the power required to support locally installed servers. By comparison, the incremental power consumption to move data to and from the cloud is negligible.

In addition, each individual server must be manufactured and later disposed of. Cloud computing significantly reduces the amount of equipment which much be purchased, thus reducing the waste produced. We also exclusively use equipment from Dell and SonicWALL: two manufacturers with excellent recycling programs.

Finally, accessing your office computers from your home is not only convenient, it also allows you to avoid that extra trip to the office, or let your employees work from home. You save time and energy, and reduce pollution at the same time. It just makes sound environmental sense.

By sharing computing resources in the cloud, the SOCCER system lets you score big reductions in the environmental impact of your business.

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