The entry point into this matrix of services is a SonicWALL firewall which runs both the enhanced version of the SonicWALL operating system and the Content Gateway Security Services (CGSS). This firewall and service package ensures that no information coming from or going to the customer site is compromised. details »
The only hardware the customer has to buy is the firewall. All remaining services are purchased on an ‘as needed’ basis. All components in the service facility are actively monitored, secured, and maintained by Solutions Granted. details »
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is the concept that services can be delivered over the internet more cheaply and reliably than by providing those services in-house. It is a rent versus buy decision, but one that leaves many customers concerned about the balance between cost savings and risk. details »
Evironmentally Responsible
Have you ever considered how much power you are consuming with all the equipment that is running at your office location? Each tower server consumes, on average, 300 watts during normal running. Exchange servers tend to consume a bit more if there is significant email traffic moving back and forth. details »
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